Driver, LX Lugger and Grip Lugger through a secret rainforst location in Tasmania.soon to be infront of the camera too!

prepared laptop art

nail through a laptop screen, one was great, two was too many.

3D scanning people at hobart hacker space

3d scanning people at the hobart hackers space (using a simple hand held system, not my automated system)


makerbot tasmania TVC - gaffer

proud to have been the lighting guy on this production by HypeTV for makerbot Tasmania

The Thin White Duke

Tasploitation 48hr film making competition, Audience choice winner, Gaffer.

Distance makes the Difference - Gaffer

Tamar Valley Dairy

 Tamar Valley Dairy commercial: Gaffer

Bees with Backpacks

Intel Makers "Bees with backpacks" doumentary made in Tasmania about a scientist tagging bees with small RFID chips and tracking their hive visits with an Intel computer.

Best Boy (1st assistant to Gaffer)

Death or Liberty

best boy, lighting.

produced by Roar Film


Shadow Dreams

Show that spanned the entire state with simultaneous shows in Hobart and either Launceston or Burnie I organised two way video link that was an integral part of the performance.

Behind the scences I also organised a two way video link for the Conductor and remote Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra muscicians as well as communication link for the technical crew.


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